About Me

Photo of Robin MarwickI am an editor, writer, and content strategist with extensive experience in web and multimedia production and health communication. My job is to ensure that your written communication, from a single graphic to an entire website, is clear, engaging, and useful to its audience.

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My Experience

I have been an editor and medical writer since 1998, and I started my freelance business in 2013. I am a Certified Copy Editor and Certified Structural Editor through Editors Canada’s certification program, and I am a Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences. I specialize in health communication, including patient education, adherence, and continuing medical education.

I have worked on staff at AboutKidsHealth.ca at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), I.C. Axon, and Communimed Inc. Through my full-time and freelance agency work, I have written and edited projects for more than a dozen major pharmaceutical companies.

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My Professional Memberships

I am a member of Editors Canada, the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences, and the American Medical Writers Association.

My Education

I have a BSc in chemistry from McGill University. I stay current in my field through continuing education courses and seminars, conferences, extensive reading, and a wide network of knowledgeable peers.

Airedale terrier lying on the grassMy Trusty Assistant

As health and safety officer, morale booster, eater of leftovers, and barker at miscreants, Blue (2006-2016) is a much-missed member of my team.

My photo at the top of this page is by Kristin Foster Photography.