Webinars and Presentations

I’ve created several presentations for fellow editors and writers, mainly about graphs but also about topics like style sheets and patient education. I’d love to talk to your group! Please contact me to discuss topics, pricing, and availability. You can also watch my Editors Canada webinar.

Presentation: Bad Graphs for Editors

A good graph or chart is readable, accurate, and fair—and it tells a compelling story in support of the text around it. First presented at the 2019 Editors Canada conference, this entertaining, fast-paced talk will help you and your team recognize the elements of a good graph, analyze a bad graph, and propose improvements that can turn a bad graph into a good one.

Many of my fellow editors think of themselves as “word people,” not “number people.” But numbers and graphs are everywhere—in science, business, education, finance, journalism, and government. This talk gives you the fundamentals you’ll need to make and discuss those edits with confidence, even if your high school math classes were some time ago.

Webinar: Copy Editing Standard D12: Tables, Figures, and Multimedia

Editors Canada’s Professional Editorial Standards document the knowledge, skills, and practices that professional editors should master for dealing with text. But where do visual elements come in? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to put Standard D12 (“Ensure all tables, visual elements, and multimedia are consistent with surrounding text and are consistently presented”) into practice.