Website Content Services

So you have a website, but it hasn’t changed in three years. Or perhaps your business has changed, but your website doesn’t reflect that. You’re not alone. Many websites launch with no clear picture of how often they will need to be updated or who will do the work. Small businesses and non-profit groups, in particular, often lack the staff and expertise to keep their websites useful and up to date.

How can I help you? Please contact me for more information.

My services include:

  • Assessing your existing content and identifying the gaps
  • Writing and editing new content or updating existing content
  • Adapting existing print material for the web
  • Sourcing and editing photos
  • Making recommendations to help people find and use your content
  • Developing useful, usable style guides and process documents
  • Developing a realistic plan for keeping your website up to date that takes your business goals and staffing levels into account
  • Training you and your staff or volunteers to update your website and use social media effectively

Please contact me for more information.